Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Cadbury!!!!

We were invited to Cadbury's 1st Birthday Party.
We were truly thrilled
as this is our first doggy birthday party.......

And since we do not have a pet to bring along,
we brought our kids.....
*cheeky smile*

Perfect Family Portrait
Daddy Ray, Mummy Crystina & Baby Cadbury

Adorable Paw Pals

Kitson & Hiroshi's
Birthday Hug for Cadbury!

Amazing Doggy Birthday Cake!
I'm not sure how this one taste like,
but Cadbury's doggy friend; Marshall
seems to give it a 2 paws up
form having countless servings
of this yummilicious cake....

A contented Cadbury with a pram-full of presents!

Party venue was at Furry Pets
located at 100 Guillemard Road
(Former Singapore Badminton Hall)

Highly Recommended!
They serve great human food as well!

Happy Birthday Cadbury!
Thanks for the invitation,
We had tons of good fun!!!

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