Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hospital Bag for C-section Birthing @ Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore)

*sings*"All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go......"

Hospital bag all packed and on "standby" mode......

What's in my bag:
(Important Documents)
1. Identification Card
2. Admission Letter
3. Marriage Certification, if you intend to register your new baby's birth certification on the spot......

(For a comfortable stay at the hospital)
1. Toiletries, thou the hospital does provide a tiny complimentary pouch of toiletries, I prefer to use a brand that I am comfortable with....
2. Nursing wear
3. Breast feeding friendly bras
4. Breast pads
5. Loop maternity sanitary pads, thou the hospital does provide 1 pack. From my prior experiences, it is not enough.
6. High waist cotton panties. I know this will look like crap! But, at least they are freaking comfortable......
7. Some disposal panties, just in case you soiled those crappy lookin cotton ones.
8. Super duper long night adhesive sanitary pads..... I could never figure out how to use those loop sanitary pads! And I prefer adhesive with wings for added security, when I am good enough to walk out of bed to clean myself or home going....
9. Nursing Tea
10. Themos Flask for Nursing Tea
11. Simple makeup so that you can still look your best when visited by friends! With the current "everything also post on facebook" era, I'll rather not skim on this part and get horrible picture of myself posted on social media!!!
12. Flip flops for ease of moving ard the hospital or your room.....

(Technology we can't live without)
1. Laptop & Charger
2. Card Reader
3. Mobile Phone & Charger
4. Camera & Charger

(Bribery gifts for the Older Siblings)
1. Don't forget the new baby's gift to the older siblings.......

(Home Coming for Mums)
1. One set of comfortable home coming clothes.

(Home Coming for New Baby)
1. Romper
2. Hat
3. Mittens
4. Booties
5. Receiving Blanket

*mad excited*
8 more days till we greet our latest family member!


~Summer~ said...

Hihi! Such an exciting for you and your family! Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery in advance! Jia you jia you! =)

Geraldine Gigi Guo said...

Have a smooth delivery!

Ronda said...

So exciting! We also had a gift for the big sister that was 'from the baby'. She loved it. Best of luck to you and your family. I'm sure everything will go great. I can't wait to see pictures!

Willyn said...

Congrats, for the new coming baby, another blessings of life..