Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Ins and Outs of Parent Volunteering.....

I often get strange remarks whenever I do a "check in" on facebook 
at Hiroshi's school under the status update of Parent Volunteering....

Well, I don't blame people for such remarks.... 
Afterall, I could safely bet a dime that Singapore is the only country 
that as such absurd scheme in which a parent could volunteer their time 
(reads: at least 40 hrs) 
in order for a prioritized chance 
to get their kids into the school of choice. 
(And we are often talking about popular prestige school here!)

I am honestly not against the scheme at all. 
But, soon after parents get their kids into the school of their choice..... 
Sadly, the volunteering ends as well....

I personally feel that parent volunteering is far more important  
after the child enters the school 
rather than before.

The fact is, I've been "actively" volunteering at Hiroshi's school on an adhoc basis. 
And I truly enjoyed the experience.

Hiroshi has always been eager to show me off to his school mates 
whenever I volunteer 
and that often leaves his friends green with envy. 
As a parent, we are always constantly proud of our kid's achievements.
But, how often is this role reversal being played out 
of your child being so proud of you?!?!?

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