Sunday, March 15, 2009

Educational Weekend @ JB

 humble eatery along the streets of "ah gua lane",
right before the nearly run down Shell Petrol Station....
TUA THOW which literately mean big head 
was where we had our hearty breakfast.

My soupy bee hoon with
Fish slices, Pork Kidney, Pork liver, Oysters
only cost me 7RM!!!

Next up was a day of learning adventure,
First stop, Mushroom Farm

The Kampung House 
The owner build this using his spare time after work,
which often meant from 9pm to 1am!!
There were even intricate wood carving done by the owner himself!
A hammock swinging with playful children 
was seen under the house held up on stilts.
It's a beautiful sight!

Oyster Mushrooms
Thou the room was dark,
the only light source we got was from the opened doorway....
You could smell the fresh mushroom scent!
I swear it seems like someone 
was trying to cook up a big pot of mushroom soup!

Processed & Sterilized Sawdust 
used to grow mushrooms

In The Process of Cultivation

The harvest of fresh mushrooms 
ready to be sold or imported

It's the Kampung Spirit!
The owners took out their Kuali,
deep fry some delicious plump oyster mushrooms 
with special sauce for our tasting!
*Thumbs up*

I know this is going to sound absurd!
I've never seen a rubber tree up close!!
This is the first time ever.....
Isn't it amazing what we can get from nature?!?

Kampung Chicken 
allowed to roam freely.....

Looks like cherry blossom?!?!
Unfortunately not,
It's water apple!

There were also passion fruit on the farm,
but I did not manage to get a good picture of it.....

Second stop,
Chicken Farm

You can smell it from a mile!
The smell of chicken POO!

Chickens in a row living in 
Cheapskate overpriced HDB style property!!!!
*I could feel that they are staging Chicken Run soon!!!*

I know this makes me sound very Mountain Turtle....
But, this is also my first time seeing a cocoa tree!!!!
YES, you get your Yummy Godiva Chocolate from these trees!!!

Someone has been cleaning eggs in this lil make shift station

The size sorting machine....
Way Cool!
The noisy machine was so gentle that
no eggs were harmed in the process of sorting!

The nicely sorted out eggs ready to be sold in the market

We manage to make
Passion Fruit Cheese Cake
from all the fresh product we got from the farms!

Before baking

Cheese Cake for Tea Break

Dinner @ 有記XO Duck
Apart from the usual food we normally order,
we tried 3 new dishes.....
Claypot fish slices,
Claypot fatty Pork,
and Assam Fish.....

Everything tasted GREAT!

If I had to choose a favourite dish for the night,
It has to be the Assam Fish...
It was tangy and sour....
Perfect for my taste buds....
But, Kitson felt that the sourish taste was too overwhelming....

Signs of a Satisfied Meal!!

You could hardly miss out on this restaurant,
as there are 2 extremely GIANT URN right in front of it!
These pots are used for making the trademark double boil soup.....
In my opinion, nice, but overpriced!

Main Branch
93, Jln. Pendekar 2,T.U.T.A, 81300 Skudai 
Tel: 07-554 3879

Other Branches:
83-83A, Dedap 7, Tmn. Johor Jaya, 81100 JB
Tel: 07-355 5037 


Moo Han said...

Hi, may i know where are these farms that you mentioned?

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Moo Han: I am not too sure.... It was a led tour... If you are interested I can give you her contacts.