Thursday, March 12, 2009

Acar Kunyit Ikan

I swear I have never in my life 
done so much slicing and shredding at one go!
And to add to the misery, 
the recipe says FINELY slice & shred!!!!

The smart ass in me wanted to do things the lazy way!
Got my handy food processor out...
Snickering to myself, thinking how much precious time 
I would be saving using "technology"!!!!
I was so wrong about that!

This is my so call SHREDDED GINGER from the food processor!
I nearly died looking at it!

Needless to say, I had to get my lazy ass out and get more ginger!!
And start all over from square one!!

Finally, the nicely shredded ginger!

I know you would hardly believe 
the next statement I am going to make.....
I spend at least 3 hours slicing and shredding the ginger & garlic!

My precious 3 hours effort!

Thank GOD I still have my 10 fingers after all the battling knife work!!

The final product before adding in the acar sauce....
Hopefully, it will taste as good as it looks!

Note: My hands & fingers are now tinted 
with a bright funky shade of yellow from the turmeric!!
*shakes head*


Sweets said...

so i guess lesson learnt is tumeric stains :P dish looks good

linda said...

hei liang looi !

mmmm dim leh - jus by t look at it !!

1st:- best 2 remove t fish head

2nd:- e fish mus b immersed in t kunyit oil cook tog wif abit of t slightly thick assam juice , vinegar , sugar n salt

3rd:- no neeed 2 fry t sun- dried ginger strips n garlic slices

4th:- thk u missed out t sesame - 2 b sprinkled on top , rite ?

no hard feelings i hope !??!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

sweets: yeah! It stains everything in sight!

Linda: thanks for all the tips. Unfortunely, i did not use the FAMILTY RECIPE for this dish. I just took one off the internet and followed it to the T.