Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hanging Out & Having Fun.....

On the train
Ipod saves the day!
No more cranky kids on long train rides!!
Loving Siblings!
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Curb your crave for Malaysia food at Angel Kitchen!
Penang Assam Laksa still stands as my favorite item on the menu!

Angel Kitchen
5 Koek Road #01-13
Cuppage Plaze

Penang Assam Laksa
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Ipoh Dry Curry Chicken Noodles
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There is a ramen joint a couple of stores down the street
(walking towards OG Orchard Point
Inside Cuppage Plaza)
This is as good as what you can get from Japan,
thou, a little costly, $13.50 for this Tamago Ramen....
(still cheaper than flying to Japan for a bowl of ramen!!)
But, it is definitely worth it!
Try the Vegetable Salad too!
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Ron Jun/Megan said...

u like asam laksa??? u can try the instant paste under the brand cheong kim chuan (a bell).
I tried cooking it in office and my coll all like it...see my blog below:

FYI, so far only found this in msia. Am going to get it when i go back to msia.