Tuesday, May 05, 2009

家有囍事- Daphne & Armand (Singapore)

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It's been a crazy week for me...
But, It's all worth it!

My 'lil' niece is getting hitched!!

This is the most powerful cupcakes I have made so far!!
Carrot cake with chilli padi & wasabi frosting!
And that's just one of the 4 "breakfast" items
for the groom & his entourage!!
They also had
lemon sour plum popsical,
ling yang with bitter gourd jelly,
& concentrated rose syrup!!

The happy groom whom got through the girls at the door!
Good job guys!!

Look at the love in their eyes!

A kiss for grandma before leaving for Traders Hotel
for tea ceremony with the in laws....

After tea ceremony in Traders Hotel....
Waiting to get back to the bride's place....

Back in the bride's place for tea ceremony...
Cousins United!!

Off to the church wedding....
Sophia is the flower girl & Hiroshi is the page boy
They performed beautifully!
A vast difference from the rehearsals we had!
Praise the Lord!!
I'll upload the video as soon as I get it....
Just keep a look out for it!
(and btw, I made Sophia's dress!
So cute isn't it!!)

These cupcakes kept me up 3 days, 3 night!
Thank God Kitson was ever so understanding and patient
to take care of the kids for me....

I made 100 cupcakes!
Flavor ranges from
dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate rum ganache,
to espresso chocolate fudge cupcake with mocha frosting,
to carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!
And thank God it was a HIT!!
(Oh well, at least no one complained that it was too sweet
or start scraping off the delicious frosting!!!!)

Everything you see here is DIY,
that includes the gumpaste roses,
& cupcake stand!!

It took me 30 mins to craft 1 gumpaste rose!

I love the cupcake stand!
Very elegant, classic and out of the norm!

The kids goofing around after the church wedding!

My lil charmer with is his hush puppy look!
"oh please mummy, can I have some of that?!?"

Dinner was held at Traders Hotel

A perfect match!

Cousin Danry who came back from HongKong....

The look so alike!
I swear!
Everyone says that!

Red seems to be the theme colour of the night!

The overjoyed parent of the bride!

With an old friend, Kelvin the photographer....

The Photographer Kelvin,
and the Videographer Christopher....
Both very talented people!!!

I stumble straight into bed,
and had a fantastic good night sleep!
It's finally a wrap!
Part 2 in Kl is coming up soon!


daphne said...

great photos there!! hehee, i am missing your cupcakes.. lucky i ate one the day before!!! LOL

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Daphne: Thanks.... I am already missing you!