Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip to Malaysia (Part 2)......

Travelling upwards to Ipoh,
Kitson's hometown...

I love eating in Malaysia!
Good Food, Good Price!!
If I had not remember this wrongly,
This dinnier only costed us 70rm!

Dinner at Laut Wong Kok With Sister-in-law Linda

I love Nyonya Food so much that I can even take it for breakfast!!
Bee Giak Dinning Place & Buffet Catering
is conviniently located next to our hair stylist!
Yummy Good Food!
Worth every penny!

Time for a Hair Cut!!
Sophia took it better this time round.
She volunteer to have her hair cut and stayed poised throughout it!

We had nice desert @ All Inn Cafe after the Hair Cut.
6 different desert, in 6 slow cookers,
I learnt from the boss that the flavours 0f the desert changes everyday!

20, 26 Medan Bendahara 2,
Off Jln Leong Tian, 31650
Ipoh, Perak

~Travelling Upwards to Penang~

We asked a local where to find the find the Best Chendol in town,
He replied that the one in Penang Road is suppose to be FAMOUS!!
And when we asked him where we could find the Best Penang laksa in town,
He said the one in Air Hitam, next to the market....
But he also commented that the one in Penang Road,
coffee shop next to the famous chendol is also NOT BAD!

We did not manage to try out the Penang Laksa at Air Hitam.
All Food featured in this slideshow is from Penang Road.

In my personal opinion,
the chendol is TERRIBLE!
Too watery, not lemak enough,
and I can't even taste the fragrant gula melacca!!!

However on the other hand,
the food in the nearby coffeeshop has far exceeded my expectation!!
for Penang Laksa & Prawn Noodles!
The rest are only so-so nia!!

Maybe someday we'll go try out
that famous Penang Laksa from Air Hitam!!
But, till then I'll be contented with this one I've found!

Dinner was Japanese food from Queensbay Mall
Nippon Yataimura
Fabulous food, Good price!

To Be Continued.....

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