Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip to Malaysia......

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I believe that our family are fantastic travellers.
We do not plan extensively for a trip,
we just do what we want to do and go with the flow......
which is so much more relaxing & less stressful!

Afterall, that is what a holiday should be!

We covered JB, KL, Ipoh, Penang & Malacca in 9 days!!!
What an accomplishment!

I personally like Ba Kut Teh with heavier herbal taste,
rather than the pepperish ones they serve in Singapore!
I've stayed away from this dish for a couple of years
due to pregnancy and breastfeeding,
but, my mind has never stray far from it!
Whenever I stop by KL,
I would crave for a yummy pot of Ba Kut Teh,
especially this one from 金牛!

However, I am slightly disappointed this time round.
The herbal taste wasn't as pungent as I remember it to be.
And, I was drowning myself with tons of water after that!
I wonder if it was laden with MSG!

295 Jln Merdeka,
Kg. Baru Ampang,
68000 Sel
Tel: 0163112296

Since I got so gila about Nyonya Food,
my sister-in-law Irene brought me for a good meal at Tangung Bunga.

Food was fantastic!
We had to carry our big fat bellies
out of the restaurant at the end of the night!

When I first tried thunder rice in Singapore,
I simply cannot understand why people would Q up for horrible food,
and allow such businesses to survive in Singapore!

However Restaurant Ho Boh in Puchong changed my mind!

The generous finely sliced vegetables
and thick soup makes this thunder rice a winner!
A must try!
I am just hoping they would open up in Singapore
so that we do not have to drive 5 hours up for thunder rice!!

Restaurant Ho Boh21A,
Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara,
Seksyen 1, Jalan Puchong, Batu 7 1/2,
47100 Puchong Selangor

We thought it would be a good idea for the old folks,
which is my MIL & Gu Ma to meet up.
And we were right, they had a great time chatting and catching up.
Lunch was at Yips Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid.
Other than good food,
there was another attraction in this restaurant!

They had a staff singing at the front door to attract customers!
And it's not even William Hung!
His guy has a great voice!!
He even writes and composes his own songs!
My hope is for him to be discovered and hopefully be famous someday!
He deserves it!

The Singer's favourite Song...

The song that was written and composed by the singer

Dinner was at Puchong Ocean Ship Seafood Restaurant.
We had to combat the scary KL traffic Jam to get to this place,
and thank God, it was all worth it!
Great food!
Especially the fried pork intestine!
I know it sounded absolutely disgusting,
BUT, seriously, it's a MUST TRY!!

To Be Continued....


Margie said...

Auntie Irene,

Thunder rice no need to drive to KL wor.. Chai Chee Road got a good cook who can cook the best thunder rice u can ever find in the whole wide world (Samual say de!)..

Sir this morning just reminded me we never bring the car for a holiday to KL/Genting for some time liao hor.. When's your next trip?? I want to tag along.. :)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Margie: Alamak...... Chai Chee Road arr.... maybe someday lah..... When you planning to bring your car for a holiday woh?

Margie said...

Irene, we swop lah.. i bring thunder rice to ur home, u cook chilli crab to satisfy my taste buds.. :P

I thinking this weekend wor.. Planning a surprise for sir since it's his b'day, but not too sure what he thinks of driving so far and tiring himself out since it's his special day :P

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

hahahahaha.... Sorry cannot help you there, auntie here can't drive!