Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wordful Wednesday {linky party}: Toothless Grin | Week 10

Hiroshi is 8.
And still has all his milk teeth intact.
I initially thought,
wow, we must have done a good job in protecting his milk teeth.
While most kids his age would have already gone through
the trauma of tooth loss at a much younger age!!

So when he came back from school telling me that he has a loose tooth,
I didn't think much of it.
I merely brushed him off and told him to see the school's dentist if he is in pain.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of dentist in Singapore.
School dentists are shared among several neighboring schools
So hence he was not able to see the dentist for the next couple of days
since the dentist is not available.

Till one fine day, 
I was sitting really close range to him during lunch.
He opens his mouth to complain
how it would hurt when he was chewing on his food. 
Seeing that the adult tooth was already fully grown behind the baby tooth
which are yet to be extracted!
I could have just died in shock.
It's overcrowding!!
It's like putting 6.9 million people in 1 dot. (pun intended!)

And half the time I was blaming myself how could I have not check on him!!!

I told him that he has to get that dentist to see him immediately.

He did as he was told.
He went back to school and told the dentist about the shaky tooth problem.
The dentist extracted 2 in go!

Now the little boy is a warrior
Declaring to everyone,
that he has lost his 2 lower front teeth to the dentist.

So since the lost of his tooth,
I asked if he was going to put his tooth under his pillow 
for the tooth fairy to come collect.
He told me straight in my face, 
"there is no such thing as the tooth fairy!!"
I asked him, "you sure?!?!?"
He replied, "are you going to give me money if I put the tooth under the pillow?"

I couldn't help it,
I just burst out laughing!
This little boy is so rational!!!

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Adora said...

gosh! i actually saw this on a neighbour's 7 year old daughter and i thought it must be really rare for teeth to do that. and then i see this! wow!