Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review of Philip Avent Comfort Breast Pump (Manual)

I am honestly disappointed when Avent sent me
the Comfort manual breast pump
instead of the Comfort electrical breast pump for reviewing purposes.

I've heard plenty of good reviews for Avent's electrical breast pumps
But unfortunately, I won't be able to experiece the "goodness" for myself. 

My first breast pump in 2005 which was a gift to us
was a Manual Avent Breast Pump.
A dreadful sleep deprived mother,
laboring with a manual breast pump,
equipped with wrong information about breast feeding
wasn't the correct formula for successful breast feeding.

Needless to say,
my breast feeding journey which has kicked off successfully in the hospital
dwindled to a sad ending within 3 weeks.

I was excited when Avent announced the changed in design.
The first in 29 years.
I didn't see any significant differences when I unboxed the product.
However upon close inspection,
I notice that the handle's shape is more ergonomic.
The tiny white star valve has been replaced by a bigger one.
And the massage cushion seems to have significantly improved.

Introducing Philip Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump

Assembling the Comfort Manual Breat Pump  

User Experience:
Comfortable and sits nicely on the breast.
The ergonomic handle makes pumping slightly easier.
Quiet, Compact, easy to bring around.
Although the product has promised a more comfortable expressing position,
I still find the need to lean forward for a more effective pump.
This product is sponsored by Philip Avent 
specifically for review purposes 
without any monetary or other compensation.
Views and opinions are my own.

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