Friday, March 01, 2013

Sponsored Food Review: Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

An American style casual dining
located conveniently at the heart of Orchard Road.

Beanstro Takashimaya
391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel: 62351610
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday; 8am - 11pm

 I love the play of word, 
Instead of bistro, it became Beanstro.
Cozy Interior, 
Extremely Kiddy Friendly!

Plenty of hand-crafted beverages that left us spoilt for choices.
Garlic Butter Bread ($6.00)
 There was definately MORE than what you see here.
We could resist, 
everyone ended up "pinching" 
even before I could get a decent shot of it!!
Yummy, you could hear the crisp crackling sound in your ears 
when you sink your teeth into them!

Soup of the Day
Mushroom Soup ($8.00)
That is 1 really Big Bowl of Mushroom Soup
For the Records, Hiroshi finished it all by himself!!
That's just how much he loves mushroom soup.
In fact, he has that in school every single day!
Talk about being faithful!
However, I was expecting thick creamy mushroom soup.
But, this one seems is a little "runny"in my personal opinion.

Tuna Nicoise Salad ($19.00)
Again American Size
Not your usual salad. 
Tuna coated with sesame seed gave the tuna a whole new dimension

Caesar Salad ($13.00)
Since beanstro is a halal-certified restaurant,
the bacon you see here is turkey bacon.
We love it!
Less fattening and a healthier choice!

Sirlion Steak ($24.00)
I believe that sauce should be used to compliment a dish and not overwhelm it.
And in this case, the sauce was perfect. 
Either that, or perhaps, 
being Australlian grass fed cows made the difference!
I still could taste the real beefy taste.

I asked for it to be done medium rare.
It was done perfectly to my liking.
Brown on the outside and pinkish inside.

Vongole ($26.50)
Squid Ink Spaghetti with New Zealand littleneck clams.
Our votes were unanimous for this one.
We love it!
Chili padi added to this dish makes an interesting twist to boring old vongole.

 Seafood wrapped in Cartoccio ($26.00)
Fettuccine with spiny lobster, scallops & blue mussel in spicy tomato sauce 
wrapped in parchment paper.
Really fresh seafood cooked to perfection.
Plus the presentation of opening the parchment paper infront of my eyes,
I was already won over even before digging in!

I dunno what got into us.
We over did dessert!

Hiroshi had Chicago Cheesecake ($8.00)
Yes! The whole piece to himself again! 

Sophia opted for Warm Molton Chocolate Cake ($10.00)

Peach Mango Blended Swirl Yoghurt ($6.50)
The manager ordered this on behalf of the kids, 
because he thinks that the kids would like it.
He was right!
The kids absolutely loved it!
I swear they polished the cup real clean!!!

Tiramisu ($10.00)
The tiramisu I had in Italy when I was flying spoil market.
the rest seems to pale in comparison.

Creme Brulee ($10.00)
I had my 1st creme brulee in Paris.
I can still clearly remember the rich soft custard base 
topped against the contrasting layer of hard caramel,
It was definitely a match made in heaven!

That's my niece Joey who is staying with me 
while she waits out her "A" level results.
I thought that was a pretty good creme brulee, 
however Kitson thought otherwise.

It was definitely value for money.
Since everything came 

You can have breakfast at any time of the day at Beanstro!
And for the egg lovers,
be spoiled for choices.
Have your eggs the anyway you want them!

Breakfast Steak and Eggs ($19.00)

Classic Egg Benedict ($17.00)

Worthy of another visit.
Love the service rendered by the restaurant manager; Steven and his staffs.
Extremely pleasant dining experience!

BabyHiroshi was invited for a Food Tasting Session at Beanstro. 
Views and opinions are my own.

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