Monday, June 18, 2012

A rolling picture paints a gazillion more words;

If a picture paints a thousand word,
just close your eyes and imagine..... 
how much more could a series of rolling pictures paint you! is Singapore's first ever online food and beverage showcase 
that presents a fresh perspective for both restaurateurs and restaurant-goers 
with video clips of gourmet cuisine 
and the hard work that goes behind creating food masterpieces.

Huge thank you to Rachel from SMB (Singapore Mom Bloggers) 
for coordinating this event,
which was organized by Rolleyes 
in collaboration of 
Chef Judy from Creative Culinaire.

Definitely a fruitful father's day
learning to bake
Chef Judy's
Signature Zuchinni Chocolate Cake.

Top left: me & my wacky team of young people!
Top right: My pretty Zucchini Chocolate Cupcakes nicely decorated!
Bottom left: Me & Chef Judy
Bottom right: *grin* My guilty last minute father's day cake to hubby!!

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to pick up a skill or two on baking
to check out Creative Culinaire.
Chef Judy's demonstration has been both entertaining and educational.

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-The Ultimate Bonus-
Rolleyes even offers a section on cooking tips and recipes
from chefs and the everyday home cook!!

Worthy site to be bookmarked as a restaurant directory for food lovers!

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