Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dreamy Little Pancakes.....

The dreamy idea of having fluffy pancakes for breakfast
seems to entice me all the time. 
But, I've never had the courage to make any for myself or my family. 
I have this impression that pancake are delicate little things. 
And too much attention has to be put into one for a perfect tasting breakfast! 
So, therefore, the next best thing would be Mcdonald's Hotcakes.
Which ain't that fantastic to begin with!

I've finally found the PERFECT pancake.
And the beauty of it all is,
you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper if you so desire!
Top left: Mr & Mrs Pancakes
Bottom Left: Hubby being over ambitious with thoughts of stuffing little pancakes
Assorted Pancakes from top to bottom:
(1) Gimme S'more Oreos
(2) Simple & Sweet
(3) Something Blue

I swear seeing fresh pancakes flipping in front of my own eyes
has already psychologically whet my appetite
even before actually tasting them! 

The actual tasting didn't disappoint at all!

Pancakes were nice and fluffy.
Maple syrup actually tasted like maple syrup
and not anything synthetically altered!
Ice cream is a match made in heaven for pancakes.
And awesome food presentation just stretched my dollar's worth!

My one and only grouse
would be the portioning.

A tiny bit too small in my personal opinion,
but well, 
that could be just because that I am pregnant 
and my stomach seems to be like a bottomless pit!

Catch your
Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-04, 
Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore, Singapore 574424

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