Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life: Seeing your Love Ones Enjoying Themselves....

Sometimes, you cannot deny how fast time has slipped by.....
I am already 7 months pregnant!
Even though many have commented that the belly size doesn't look 7 month old,
but I swear I am already feeling the discomforts of third trimester pregnancy!

And as for today's fun day out,
I absolutely felt like a fat bellied pregnant penguin waddling 
into Snow City @ Science Center.

okie dokie,
I see you screaming in horror, 
with your jaw hitting the keyboard; 
"What the HECK is a pregnant women doing in Snow City!!"

I sat this one out.

It was exhilarating seeing the trio having so much fun!
Definitely great bonding time for daddy-o and the kids,
without the up-tight "sergeant major" mummy screaming in the background!
(this clearly explains why they are all crashed out in bed 
while I am still wide awake writing this blog posting!!)

Thou in my personal opinion,
the place look smallish with the tube as the ONLY star attraction!

The kids seems to think otherwise.
They simply adore Snow City!

And for that,
I am putting this place as a MUST GO for kids who has never seen the real thing.
And for the parent,
the bonding 
the big toothy grin you get 
from just going up and down the slide with the tube endlessly 

-Check Snow City Out Today-

Tips: Bring a couple more pairs of dry socks, towel, and a change of clothes!

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