Friday, October 15, 2010

Product Review: Kitoho Kalani Super Aqua Gel

When I first gotten this product,
I wanted to do the same old boring style
of product reviewing....
But when I started rubbing the gel into my skin,
something interesting happened!
Watch on....

It has claim to be:
Incrediby fresh moisturizing gel-cream
instantly hydrates the skin and
acts on the metabolism of the skin
to optimize its cellular renewal.
This miracle water-based gel moisturizer
can be used on both face and body
without any oily or sticky feel.

Contains Pueraria Lobata Root extract
that possesses antioxidant properties
as well as nutritive isoflavones
to help visible firm the skin
and fight the appearance of wrinkles.
Added with Chlorella Vulgaris Extract,
amino acid-rich marine algae
help fortify the extracellular matrix
to help maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
help soothe and calm sensitive skin.

My honest opinion:
Extremely light moisturizer,
(works like a breeze even on oily skin)
great choice for our humid weather...
only retails for $24.90!!
Worth trying!

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