Thursday, October 28, 2010

Family Vacation (Singapore-HongKong)

When we plan this trip about a month, 
we as FULL GROWN ADULTS parents 
were actually more excited than the kids....
We had many ideas brewing in our mind 
thinking of the best possible way to surprise our kids.

The kids had absolutely no idea about the trip 
until reaching Singapore immigration!

Kids went to school as per normal 
and we kidnapped them 1/2 way thru classes
citing the reason of sending daddy to the airport 
since he is going on a long flight.....

The kids never did suspect anything amiss,
despite the fact that daddy was travelling 
with so much more baggage than the norm!

when we came to the immigration gates,
saying our last good byes and big bear hugs.....

Kitson: would you like to take the airplane with daddy?
Both kids jumping with joy: YESSSSssssSSSSssssSSSS!!!!
Kitson: Do you have passport and tickets?
Both kids shaking their heads in disappointment: *mumbled* no...
Me: *producing both passports and boarding passes*

I swear I cannot forget the big wide smiles on their faces!

One moment you're in Singapore 
and the next in HongKong.....

Super Duper Thrilled Kids......


Ronda said...

What a wonderful surprise! I can't wait to hear more about the trip. Hong Kong is someplace I've always wanted to visit.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Ronda: you should.... it's a wonderful place with nice food!