Friday, October 08, 2010

We all should learn to put a lil more faith in our partners....

When Kitson came back from flight
and told me he's going for the company's 4.3km run,
I thought he was NUTz!
Without any training in advance,
and having just touched down from a 6 hours flight,
I personally thought,
that was the perfect recipe for disaster!
But, being the ever encouraging wife,
I told him to go ahead and have fun!
*slap forehead*

We went along to support daddy!
Pardon the funky hairdo,
It's suppose to make daddy more "visible"
just in case anyone missed him!

Don't you just love kids?!?!?!?
They are your greatest supporter,
no matter if you win or loose in a game!

Kitson at the starting line
relaxing and SMILING!
(can't wait to see the look on his face
once he completes the race!)

Kitson getting all serious and ready to go...

I had no hope of Kitson winning the race.
I even suspected that he might come in last.

he miraculously did not came in last.
*wipes perspiration off forehead*

I was surprised!
And honestly,
I am super duper proud of my husband!
*beaming from ear to ear*

This has just taught me to put a little more faith in my partner!

Kitson at the finishing line...

Received medal for 3th place (team)

I have the most amazing hubby in the whole wide world
that surprises me all the time!


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