Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The HYPE of World Cup Finals 2006

Zinedine Zidane HEAD-BUTTED Marco Materazzi

I'm Puzzled! What kinda person Zidane is in real life?!?
Quoted from Beckenbauer,
"He is actually a reserved and inoffensive person."

SO if Zidane is a "reserved and inoffensive" person.....
It MUST have been something Marco Materazzi DID or SAID
that piss the shit outta Zidane to do a head-butt on him!!
Right?!? (thumbs up Zidane!! That was a hell of a head-butt!!)

For those that did not stay up to watch the World Cup,
Like crazy mummy and daddy did.....
This was how the story went.....
With France and Italy tied (1-1) in extra time of Sunday's World Cup final,
Zinedine Zidane head-butted Marco Materazzi in the chest and was sent out.
France went on to lose on penalty kicks.
*sad* Coz mummy and daddy supported France!!

According to daddy's internet sam ku bat gong souces,
Materazzi said racist comments regarding zidane, his mother & sister!
and twisted his nipples
because materazzi is a homoerotic individual.....
(hahahahaha.... I made the last part up!!)

What the hell would you do to a
GUY that twist another GUY'S nipple
on a world class scoccer event?!?

Well, if it was for mummy,
(1) Butt-head him!! (That's how you get him on the floor!!)
(2) Chop off all his FINGERS!! (That's for nipple twisting!!)
(3) Take hammer knock out all his teeth!! (That's just plain evil!!)
(4) Take acid burn his tongue!! (That's for making STUPID worthless comments!!)

So Materazzi, aren't you glad that you only got a head-butt?!?

French sports daily L'Equipe wrote:
Zinedine, what do we tell our children,
and all those for whom you were the living role model for all times?"
Mummy's Simple and Logical Answer:
It's alright to stand up for yourselves
and give them a hell of a head-butt
if they had twisted your nipple and insulted you!

Zinedine Zidane won the adidas Golden Ball voted for by journalists at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany. You will always be our football HERO!! (even if you did a head-butt at the spur of the moment!!)

So Italy, take your DIRTY football tactics aside....
so what if you have won the World Cup 2006!!
It's just dirt cheap tactics!!

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