Thursday, January 28, 2010

The difference between Malaysian & Singaporean Chinese New Year.....

This blog posting is written for a friend
who kept asking me
what to pack for her prosperity hampers....
*nuge friend*
Please save this blog posting!!!


Before, I met Kitson,
I am very much accustom to
bringing 2 mandrian oranges
(nothing more, nothing less!)
for all my Chinese New Year Visition....

However, after marrying him,
I realized that people across the causeway
do celebrated this occasion differently.....

One significant difference I saw was
they didn't go around carrying
only 2 miserable mandrian oranges.....
They went around with boxes of oranges!!!
Oranges sounded so much more meaningful
when it is given in boxes!
coz, in cantonese they say
(super duper generous hor!!!)

One thing for sure,
is that.....
These Malaysians go around CNY visitation
bringing more than JUST oranges!

So they say when you are in Rome,
do what the Romans do....
So for all these years,
I did what the malaysians do.....
Visit with more than JUST oranges!

I pack my own prosperity hampers!!!

Content of my Prosperity Hampers:

1: Abalone
The year will be filled with abundance
that Confirm Guarantee
sure got plenty of Leftover (包余).

2. Birdnest
Which means staying Young and Beautiful!
(if you are packing a hamper for me...
Please include this!!
If not
SK II I also don't mind!)

3. Essence of chicken
Keep Vigorous spirit especially in business!

4. Pineapple Juice

5. Kickapoo Joy Juice
The name says it all JOY JUICE!!!

6. Sweets
May the whole year be coated with candy!

7. Nian Gao
(Essential to those working or schooling)
Which means to get promoted every year!

8. Dried Oyster
In cantonese this one sounds very much like 好事,
Which means "fortunate situation".

9. Sea Moss
In cantonese this one sounded like 发财,
which means to prosper!!!

10. Dried Mushrooms
This meant to have
your wishes fulfilled from the east to the west!

11. Peanuts / Groundnuts
花生 / 长生瓜
It meant the flower of life/
the nut of longevity!

12. Longan
Essential to those trading in stocks and commodity,
Which means bright & far sighted for all investments made!

Have fun packing your own hampers!
(Do remember to send me one thou!!!)


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