Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hiroshi's world of Reality

Reality struck us
when Hiroshi brought back
his 1st homework last weekend......

Our son is finally in Kindergarden 1,
and he's GOING to be 5 this year!
Time flies!

However, the bad news is.....
we felt that we didn't prepare him well enough for school!

He couldn't even write his alphabets.
Honestly speaking, we were disappointed.....
But, it wasn't his fault at all!

We haven't been great parents....
We haven't put in the extra effort of educating them
or putting them though 101 enrichment classes
like the rest of the parents in Singapore!

Their childhood by far
is all about having Fun,
watching the gogle box,
and shopping!

What the hell have I been doing with my kids?!?!?

Well, no point dwelling on what we should have done....
Instead, let's focus on what we can do NOW.....

I am determine to make wrong right!
I am determine to start educating my kids NOW!

Patience and perseverance
have a magical effect before which
difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
~ John Quincy Adams

2nd Week Homework
VAST improvement from last week!
Good job darling!
(Hiroshi did this on his own!
I did helped him on the drawing thou....
I know it sucks! NO laughing!)

Let's do this together!


Michelle said...

glad he is doing better :0)

Sweets said...

Don't worry, R can't even do what H is you're not the most left behind :P