Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am Certain.... The Aliens took my Brains!

I love children parties!
Simply enjoy the vibrant environment
with happy kids running and screaming at the top of their voices.
In fact,
when Hiroshi's classmate; Regene invited him for her birthday party
I had agree immediately!

Dressed the kids in their best party clothes,
Decorated Princess Sophia's hair as per instructed;
Neatly Pleated and then Bun Up with Flower hairclip by the side,
Went to the mall,
Painstakingly picking out the perfect gift for the 7 year old birthday girl.
Finally cabbing down to the party venue....

The kids were excited,
they just can't wait to get to the party.

But, when we arrived at the party venue,
I realized that there was NO ONE in sight.

Thinking that I must be at the wrong place,
I whipped out my mobile phone in attempts to call the party host.

But, even before I could do that....
My eye POPPED at the date registered on my phone's main screen.
It reads 13th October 2012.
But however,
I clearly remembered the invitation stating 16th October 2012.

I must have left my head somewhere in outer space to make such a blunder!

We ended up at
White Sands Shopping Mall
(Pasir Ris Public Library)
I swear we won the over best dress award at the libary!!!

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