Monday, October 15, 2012

An Obsession of a 7 year Old Boy | The Bookshop

You know how when we were young.....
Our parents tell us, 
you'll only understand it when you have kids of your own?!?!?!?
I am finally UNDERSTANDING it!!!

Well, you see,
in Hiroshi's school,
the bookshop is conveniently tucked at the corner of the canteen.

It must be hard resisting the temptation of straying off to the bookshop 
even though mummy did specifically said 
NO buying things from the bookshop!

 My 7 year old boy has an obsession of buying colorful whiteboard markers 
from the school's bookshop!

And I am out of ends wits explaining 
why he shouldn't buy anything from the bookshop.

Setting that aside,
I do see so much of myself looking at Hiroshi.

This was my obsession from the school's bookshop when I was 7.
Flag Erasers.
Flag erasers were a big thing back in the 1980s.
It was an era where the word game 
doesn't involve gadgets that were electronically charged. 
Flipping erasers was one of those games we played.
Simple game.
We all flip erasers with our thumb.
The eraser that lands on top of the opponent's eraser wins the game.
Winners gets to keep the loser's eraser.
And since I suck big time in flipping erasers.
I soon grew tired of loosing my erasers 
and totally stop buying erasers from the bookshop.
( I am pretty sure the bookshop owner missed me!!)

Now I am hoping that Hiroshi will grow out of his obsession as well.
(and I am praying for it to be soon!)


Ai Sakura said...

erasers are still in now. my nephew "mods" the erasers to make them spin better haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

WOW.... they level up us!!! modify somemore!!