Thursday, October 04, 2012

Horizon Primary School Official Opening Ceremony

 It felt as though I was experiencing a milestone of my own child.
Official Opening Ceremony.

It was Graced by
Education Minister; Mr Heng Swee Keat

Having gone through 
10 years of compulsory education in Singapore,
I've not seen a school like this one!

I strongly believe that this school has what it takes to succeed.
And even soar to greater heights,
because of the values they are instilling in our future leaders.

The school has adopted Stephen R. Covey's 
7 Habits of Happy Kids in their Curriculum.
I am glad to say that it has worked very well for Hiroshi.
When I say
"Put first thing first", 
Hiroshi would then automatically 
prioritize, focus, 
and do what is important first....  

Even the Musical;
The Wizard of Horizon
which was put up for the opening night
has so much great values within the storyline.

Instilling Good Values is clearly an Important part for this school.

The principal Mrs Ang is simply extraordinary,
she is probably THE ONLY Principal
who receives her students at the gate every morning.

The Vice Principal Madam Anita is equally as commemorable,
She takes the effort to read the school a storybook
at the courtyard every Thursday.

The teachers are dedicated,
proactively helping student with weaker grades
by coming in earlier before the school hours starts.

Left to Right: Mrs Ang & Mdm Anita

And if you think that's not quite enough to be the winning team,
We've even got a group of committed parent volunteers
working closely with the school.

You just won't believe the amount of synergy we have in this wonderful team!
The fact was,
we were given a very tall task.
20 parents,
3 tasks,
(change the kids into costumes, apply make-up, and complete hair-do)
for 250 kids,
in 3 hours.

Though I still find it hard to believe,
but we did it!
All in UNDER 3 hours!

Hiroshi was part of the
250 Mass Tambourine Dancers
at the courtyard
receiving the Education Minister;
 Mr Heng Swee Keat

The countless hours of training definitely has paid off. 

 I am Obviously Self Obsessed with my Son.

I am looking forward to 6 years of fabulous primary school education
with Hiroshi and Horizon Primary School!

Photo Credits:
Poon Cheng Song
Chan Mei Yin

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