Saturday, October 06, 2012

NTUC UPicnic

With truth too be told, 
I was quite skeptical about enjoying a picnic 
under Singapore's harsh weather conditions.

With COE and fuel prices rocketing, 
it also meant that we do not own a car.
And often travel in the most environmentally friendly way;
The MRT.

Lugging Food and Kids 
on the MRT does sound dreadful
and no fun at all.

(Kids counting down to the number to stations left to Marina Bay)
And constantly asking 
"are we there yet?!?!?!" 
like a broken record!

That just goes to explain why we've never had a family picnic
and this happens to be our first!

M&M's SuperHero Picnic Setup

NTUC Ufamily Goodie Bags 
Simply Adore the Picnic Basket!!

My kids proved me otherwise!
Truly enjoying themselves under the disguise of Superheros.

Plenty of activities planned by NTUC Ufamily to keep the kids really busy.
 Sophia enjoying Jack and Rai strumming songs such as 
"We are young", "Pricetag" and many more.
She even attempts to do a sing along!
I wonder where she heard all these songs from...

We even won 2nd prize for Best Dressed Family.
It's a pity that daddy had to work that day!!
But, we'll be back for more picnic fun!

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