Monday, February 28, 2011

Stay Vacation; Swissotel

We were once again lucky enough to be able to stay downtown
in such an atas hotel because of Winnie.
*big fat happy grin*
Thanks Winnie!

Pretty awesome view out of level 43!!!

One of the many thing the kids were looking forward to.....
the amazing atas pool!

Sophia feeling happy,
because she feels safe with her life vest!!!

Sophia showing off her Red Hot Bikini

Star attraction no. 2 
The Bathtub
*rub-ba-dub-dub 2 kids in a tub*

Look at that hearty smile!
You know she's having a great time!

Hiroshi getting TOTALLY wet in Bugis Junction!

Sophia was just excited that we get to shop all day and night downtown!

We did our pilgrimage walk to MBS.
But, we didn't make the trip to see our good old friend; The Merlion
since he is under some sort of "upgrading"....
*thank god*

Once again,
Thank you Winnie!
We had a lot of fun having this perfect stay vacation!

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