Monday, July 16, 2007

Daddy's BACK!!!!

Daddy's back home after 8 long days...
We MISS you SooOOoOoOOOoo MUCH!!
"Dad, let me help you!!!"
Massage later, ai mai?!?!
*blink blink* Got present for me BOH?!?

Waah!!! Really got present woh!!
*GAP* somemore leh!! Steady bom pi pi....
For me, mei mei....
and there's even a pair of Timberland slip on for you woh, mummy!!

**ehh?!? Daddy, how come all price tag got CLEARANCE SALE sticker one arr?!?**


bb2005 said...

Wow! Hiro, u stylo man, can help daddy to take luggage liao!

Little sparkling starlet said...

Hey... Dun hiam okie... Me everything oso no have leh... not even clearence sale. Got to jia ka ke, everything oso buy myself okie!!!