Sunday, September 28, 2008

My BUDDY is finally MARRIED!!

and I forgot my camera!

I had it charging and left home without it.....

so, I got one of these,


KODAK ULTRA Compact Single Use Camera

Many pleasant memories came back to me 
when I bought the camera.
The last time I used it 
was when I was about 10 or 11 I guess.

My daddy used to buy it for me...
My sister and I would turn silly with it......

That wasn't the best part of the camera....


We REUSED the "single use camera",
over and over again.....

Don't ask me how we did it....
All I remembered was it consist of careful prying 
at the side of the camera....
Loading it with film.....
Happily winding the film advance wheel.....
then it was,

What joy that was 18 years ago!

BUT, for today....
It is a different story....

Technology has made me impatient.
With digital cameras, 
where I could shoot and see on the spot,
Having this antique makes me feel like I am living in stone age!

Everyone in the wedding was going DIGITAL!!
And there I was....
with this "toy camera".....

I had to use up 27 shots before I could develop them!!
I got a few more to go!!

I will update with picture when I develop them!

Congrats to Joyce and Alvin!!

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