Monday, January 02, 2012

London - 22.12.2011 (day 2)

Thank god couz Jacqueline was there.
Couldn't have done this much without her around!!
Since Couz Jacqueline was our London Tour Guide.
All we had to do was to just follow blindly.

M&M World 
(Leicester Square)
I am not ashamed to say that I am an autocrat when it comes to the children's diet.
Candies, Chocolate & Ice Creams
are considered bonuses rather than daily rights of individual!

The only type of candies that are deem acceptable are Vitamin Gummies.
Nothing more, 
Nothing less.

This is definitely a rare treat for the kids

Apart for Disneyland, 
I think this would be the 2nd happiest place in the world!

Even the Gloomiest weather in London could brighten up 
from all the colorful and cheerful M&M character displays.

There was all these huge cylinders filled with M&M's in a multitude of color.
  Absolutely Amazing!
Both kids were overjoyed with their pack of M&Ms 
with the London Guard M&Ms Dispenser.

Now that we have 2 happy kids,
it is time to see the rest of London!!

Next stop, 
London Eye.
Did you see that empty capsule on the London Eye?!?!?
Apparently, according to Couz Jacqueline, 
it dropped off!
Would be pretty scary to go on a ride like that!

a bit of probing around the internet proves otherwise.
They are actually revamping and renovating 
the London Eye one Pod at a time!!!
The ride is still safe!

Another Merry-go-round at the Christmas Market
This is definitely cheaper than the ones at Hyde Park!

The Famous London Phone Booth

I have a picture exactly like that too!!!
Taken about 10 years back!

Trafalgar Square
(Don't even ask how we got the kids up there!)

This was taken right outside one of the museum.
Can't really remember which one.
The only thing I remembered was 
the sign by the side saying that the horses might BITE!
That's young Couz Jacqueline with Hiroshi.

 Another great landmark you can't miss.
The Big Ben

Palace of Westminster
(The Houses of Parliament)

That was really the maximum amount of sight seeing in one day 
before the kids starts complaining.

But of course,
We have the perfect solution to sooth complaining kids.

The biggest toy store in London!
I am ever so grateful that Couz Jacqueline was with us!
Because the crowd is just completely 

Both kids are contented once again with their Christmas presents

Then it was meeting up with an old friend.
a nov. forum mummy that has been relocated to London for work.
The kids instantly hit off like lost lost friends
while the adults catch up
over dinner.

The Rainforest Cafe

 Extremely long day for myself and the kids.
Time to hit the sack and look forward for more tomorrow.


21st Century Mummy said...

Hi It was great to meet you at the Disney Junior event today. Your blog is great. I'm @mummytweets on Twitter and

See you soon. Janine

The Kam family said...

Hi, this is Mrs Kam from Nice to meet you today at the science centre (just before the Telsa show.

Glad to see photos of london. I spent 3.5 years in england, these photos do bring back memories.

Will visit your blog often :)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

21st Century Mummy: It was nice meeting you from the event... Keep in touch....

The Kam Family: WOW! 3.5 years. London could be pretty gloomy for 3.5years..... wahahahahahaha.... London alwasy reminds me of eyore from winnie the pooh!!