Thursday, December 29, 2011

London - 21.12.2011 (day 1)

We've outdone ourselves again by planning another last minute trip.
It was so last minute that 
we only bought our tickets and booked hotel accommodation 
24hrs prior to the flight!
Honestly, I don't know how we did it at all!

This is the first time I am flying solo with 2 kids on a long haul flight.
I was having the jitters.
But, thankfully, 
by the grace of God, 
we breezed through the 12 hour flight!

London Heathrow Airport Tube Station
£8 for a full day travel pass
Children under the age of 10 travels for FREE!

Travelling on the tube was fuss free.
Took the Piccadilly line
straight from the airport to Knightsbridge
where our hotel was situated.
Please be forewarned!
Most of the subways in London are poisoned with endless flight of stairs.

We were smacked right in between Hyde Park & Harrods.
I must stress,
It is a damn ATAS (upmarket) Area!
Big Brand Names line the streets all the way to our hotel entrance!
( I was obviously not expecting this!)
~Thank you Margie for the great hotel lobang!!~

Met up with Couz Jacqueline
who was in London for a student exchange program.

First Stop
Satisfy my Roast Duck Cravings
from Gold Mine @ Baywater

Then it is off to Hyde Park for Christmas Wonderland.
Reminded me very much of Christmas Market in Germany.
The only difference was we were boozing beers and having frankfurters in Germany
But whereas for now,
Parenthood has changed our Priorities,
we were riding on silly kiddy rides instead!

As you can clearly tell,
the kids were having a great time
while my pockets burn in pain!
(Those rides don't come cheap I swear!)

I would pat myself on the back.
It was an Awesome First Day in a Foreign Land Alone with 2 kids!


Ronda said...

I've been to London twice before I had kids. I dream of taking them there to show them the sights. How lucky your children are that they have a mother who enjoys showing them the world!
I can't wait to see more.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Ronda: You should. I think London is absolutely amazing!!!