Friday, December 02, 2011

Impact Models Studio: Polka Dots Christmas Little Fashion Party 2011

We were never conventional parents.
And we believe all work and no play 
makes Hiroshi/Sophia a dull boy/girl.
 So therefore, 
we've decided to sign them up 
for something totally non academic this school holidays.

Impact Models Studio Polka Dots Christmas Little Fashion Party 2011

Awesome staffs greeted the kids at the door.
The venue was perfectly staged for the theme.
You could just feel the excitement in the air!!

What FABULOUS name tags
I want to be a kid all over again!!

The beauty of the whole party is 
you get to drop your kids off 
at 10 am and only pick them up by 5pm.
Many parents out there would be thankful for that!

There wasn't any spare time for breather for either the kids or staff at the agency.
Those precious couple of hours were packed with activities.
Not only did the kids churn out beautiful Christmas Crafts,
they were also taught basic modelling.

Just like Cinderella's fairy godmother,
The staff at the agency turned those kids really gorgeous 
with appropriate makeup, hairdo & styling! 
They even had the time to pose for their individual portfolio shoots
and rehearse for the grand finale.

My Gems looking nothing less then PERFECT!

 What's a party without friends?!?!?

Parents were invited back to the studio at 5pm.
Where the staff at the agency proudly presents the fruits of their labor for the day.
A fashion show by none other than our kids.

I swear,
it is the BEST fashion show ever!

Genuine smiles could totally vouch for it!!

Crafts done by the Kids
Plus water bottle full of Candies

As we speak,
Both kids are out flat in their own room on their own beds....
Will definitely see ourselves signing up for more activities
by Impact Models Studio.

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