Thursday, December 08, 2011

Disney Junior; The Party Life Saver

Many thanks to
Georgina from T\PR
Mai from Disney Channels Southeast Asia
for the kind invitation to lunch 

-i swear this is going to be darn exciting-

I find it hard to disappoint my kids on their birthdays.
So year after year, 
I'll ask the kid's about their dream theme birthday party for the year 
and then regret even asking that question.

Just for the records:
Like a good friend once said,
"whatever you promise a kid,
you MUST deliver!"
Either that or they'll remember it for life!
(The best memory chip on earth got implanted on the kids,
while mine kept failing on me!!)

Here comes the piece good news!!!
We can all fire our kiddy's party coordinator!
 (and of course buy that gorgeous bag, 
we've been eyeing all year round!!)
Disney Junior has got all our theme parties covered!

Check out this Website!!
Our Fairy Godmother in Themed Party Planning;

I totally love how thoughtful Disney Junior is!
 Ranging from Invitations, Crafts, Activities, Favors
and even Great Food Ideas.
They've got just about everything covered!!

No more excuses for bad parties.
Let's ROCK our kid's world with FABULOUS Disney Parties!!

~Highlights of the Day~

Activities to keep Hiroshhi Occupied

Ahoy! Captain Hiroshi on board!

Pirate Party Hat & Eye Patch
could be printed off
Disney Junior's website!!

Another Printable off Disney Junior Website.
Hiroshi knows all the characters
in Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
I've got a certified tv addict at home!

Just in case you missed it.
Honestly, check this out!

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