Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday 6th Hiroshi!!!!

Hiroshi and his precious birthday present; 
Remote Control Helicopter.

Sophia gets a present too for being a good sister.

Hiroshi requested to watch Adventures of Tin Tin.
So, I've decided to splurge on IMAX since it was his birthday.
Great Sound and Perfect Clarity!

Father & Son having a Jolly Good Time!

Happy 6th Birthday Sweetheart.
You are growing way too fast for me to catch up.
I miss cradling you in my arms,
I miss your chubby baby fats,
I miss your wobbly 1st steps,
I miss your baby language that I never could understand.

Just like what I've always ask God for,
I pray for you to stay healthy & happy for the rest of your life!
(p/s: continue to send us your hugs, kisses and "I love you")

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daphne said...

HAPPY Birthday Isaac. What a great smile- I love this family!