Monday, November 21, 2011

Celebrating Hiroshi's 6th Birthday at EcoKidd Punggol (24th ave)

It is amazing how much influence these birds have on kids!
 A friend told me that every other birthday party she goes to
has an angry bird theme,
and the phenomenon is growing!

And of course Hiroshi wants one too!

An online baker quoted me $12/cupcake for 50 pcs!!!
That's like a whooping $600 bucks just for cakes alone!
What an Extortion!

Well, that leaves me with no choice 
but to roll up my sleeves 
and do all the grease work on my own.

That's my mantra in life.
( I believe that you can do anything if you put your heart & "google" into it!)

My 1st attempt on the basic red bird.
Totally forgotten about the angry brows in the 1st pic.
Looking pretty decent huh?!?!?

Crappy little bird 
that splits into 3 other crappy little birds......

It's no matter you are black or white....

The most useless bird in the collection.
(I can never shoot him in the right direction!!!)

One of my personal favorite.
Speed bird!

How can you be angry with such an innocent looking pig?!?!?!

Hell YES! 
When they snigger at you when you miss them!

The pigs are getting worried!
When Hiroshi saw the candle, 
he angrily protest. I am 7, not 6!!!!
The "I can't wait to grow up" syndrome 
that we've all gone through when we were younger.....

Hiroshi & Sophia excited about 
sharing the angry bird cupcakes with their classmates.....

This is my favorite picture of the day.
I think my family is AWESOME!

Angry Bird Cupcakes on Cupcake Stand

Contented happy smiles like that 
keeps me wanting to bake for them year after year!

going 7!!!

Facts of the day:
Black Bird is the most popular angry bird among the kids.
Nonetheless, the kids were still WOW-ed by the cupcakes!

See I told you the pigs were in deep shit!

Still going by our NO JUNK policy.
Angry Bird Stationary for Goodie Bags!
(Includes pencil case, ruler, eraser, sharpener, pencils, & pencil caps)

Angry Bird-Day my Dear Hiroshi!
May you be blessed with happiness & good health!

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Ronda said...

WOW! What an amazing job you did on those cupcakes. I wouldn't even know where to begin!
I love the goodie bags too. Nice job.