Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sibling Rivalry....

It's hard for me to understand anything about Sibling Rivalry. 
I never had the chance of experiencing it myself. 
I have a younger sister who is 6 years my junior. 
I honestly adore her! 
She was the playmate I secretly begged my parents into having. 
Although our interest were poles apart, 
and she DID break the neck of my favorite barbie doll, 
I still love her. 
I do not remember ever fighting over anything. 
In fact, I think we even worked in cahoot, 
to avoid punishment from our parents.

The one in white dress is my niece; Daphne, 
I am the one in red, 
and my sister Ivy is the one in black.

Between Isaac and Sophia, it is almost like a love-hate relationship. 
And I have to admit, sometimes, it drives me MAD.
One minute, you hear playful laughter drifting from across the room, 
and the next moment you'll hear an emotional Sophia screaming,
"I'll tell mummy about you!"

I am really at ends wits about settling differences between them.
Nowadays, I just tell them to work it out themselves.
(If you have better solutions, please tell me about it!!!)


Ronda said...

This is such an issue in our house as well. My girls are so close in age that they fight constantly. I just threaten to send them to bed which works temporarily!
Good luck with that.

daphne said...

awww.. I look bigger than u and ivy in that photo! LOL but yes, beautiful memories.

You taught great values to the two little kiddies. They will always love each other I am sure.