Friday, March 23, 2012

Never Underestimate your Child

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It was definitely a day that I hope
I'll never have to deal with as a parent.
Sophia fell and ended up
with a gash on her chin.
(which requires stitching at the children's hospital)

I swear that she darn brave for her age!
We were given the choice of either
general anesthetic or local anesthetic
for the procedure to be carried out...

She underwent the whole procedure with only local anesthetic.

Total of 4 stitches done!

I had to promise her the sky and everything else 
to keep her mind off when the doctor was stitching her up....
This was me fulfilling one of my promises.
I've got no idea why....
But McDonald's Happy Meals always makes kids Happy!

The day that I wasn't looking forward to. 
Removing the bandage
and applying antibiotics cream to the wounded area.

Stitches still in tack, 
but look at that beautiful smile!
Celebrating Goddess of Mercy Birthday at Waterloo Street

Brave Sophia had her Stitches taken out!

I am thankful that the whole episode is over.
And now we'll just have to let the wound heal on it's own 
keeping our fingers crossed that there would not be any scaring.
Mentally or Physically.

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