Saturday, March 17, 2012

SmartKids Asia 2012

16th March 2012 - 18th March 2012
Singapore Expo Hall 5

SmartKids Asia is truly one of the world's biggest  Educational Kids' Fair.
Fun-filled family event where there is something to do for everyone.
A place where kids discover and experience educational stimulation 
and mind-expanding fun through exciting interactive activities 
put together by 200 leading multinational 
and local organizations.

We spent the whole day hanging out at the event.
And even when it was time to go,
Hiroshi wouldn't wanna budge.

Let's see how much fun he was having!!!

Rock Climbing by Climb Asia
($6 for 10 minutes/ $9 for 15 mins)

I guess it's a boy thing,
this was the ONLY thing he wanted to do when we got to the fair!!!

Hiroshi assisted by the professional instructors 
from Climb Asia.

The instructor is very very encouraging!!!

The smaller wall on the opposite side is FREE to climb and equally as exciting for him!

Smart Hygiene by Dettol
Interactive 4 station game 
where we learn the 6 steps hand-washing habits
to fight against nasty germs in our environment.

And of course there were many other fun activities happening for Hiroshi,
but I was equally too engross to even remember
whipping the camera out to "catch" the moment!

My Find for the Day:
little me organics

Well, like the name suggest,
this range of products contains specially selected Organic Essential Oil,
with Unique formulation that ensures quick absorption by the skin.
which are designed with renowned aromatherapist Glenda Taylor.

Product is from UK.

little me organics mum to be
Contains Rose Hip, Organic Vanilla and Grapefruit
Range includes stretch mark oil, rich tummy cream & bath soak
(it is recommended to use
stretch mark oil + rich tummy cream
for 5 months and above.....)

little me organics Shh Sleepy Head
Contains organic Lavender & dill
Range includes bath milk, body wash & body cream
Perfect for before bedtime.

little me organics moisture babies
Contains organic Lavender, camomile & aloe vera
Range includes bath soak, hair and body wash, & body cream
Provides extra moisturizing effect locks in essential moisture, 
especially good for babies sleeping in air-con rooms....

little me organics oh so gentle
Contains pear, mallow and aloe vera
Range includes bath soak, hair and body wash, & body cream
Perfect for babies with sensitive skin

Products are available at most leading kiddy departmental stores.

I've gotten a couple of products will review them when I get the chance.
But judging from the testers from the fair.
I think I am going to LOVE 'EM!

Now shoo-shoo,
Get off that seat and get your butts moving to Smartkids Asia!

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