Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Our Wedding Vow:
In sickness, I will nurse you to health.
In health, I will nurture you.
In sadness, I will bring you joy.
In happiness, I will share it with you.
In poverty, I will make our love grow rich.
In wealth, our love will not grow poor.

When you need encouragement,
it will be from me.
When you need a helping hand,
it will be mine.

With this ring as a token,
I now marry you.


Baby Javier said...


Is this pic taken 3 years ago??? Think your hb changed a lot kekeke. No offence huh.

Lazyg3r said...

LOL@ Elaine's comment. Still ok lah. You should see me and my hubby's taken just 2.5 years ago. Especially for myself, it looks like those before and after photo taken by the slimming centre, just that it is the other way round.

Mama Bliss said...

ooh the wedding vows is a very good one! ;)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

babay javier: boh lah... 2 years ago nia lah!! You mean my hubby become more handsome arr?!?

lazyg3r: you look so pretty in your wedding pixs!!

mama bliss: ya loh... every anniversary, we renew our wedding vows....