Sunday, October 07, 2007

Asian Banana Cake & Pineapple Tarts

Being a devoted taoist,
Daddy usually have offerings of
apples, oranges, pineapples and bananas for the Gods....
on most of the 1st and 15th of the lunar month....

Many times, these fruits were given away,
as we cannot FINISH them ourselves....

But this time round,
Mummy made some really yummy treats from the fruits.....
Another of Mummy's 1st attempt:
Moist Asian Banana Cake with Pine Nuts

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If you get to know mummy long enoff,
you"ll know that she is a pefectionist FREAK in tiny details....
Daddy commented that our pineapple tart's filling
(the ones we made in Alice jie jie's place)
has no OMPH!!
So, instead of the usual prepacked fillings,
Mummy made the pineapple fillings from scratch!!
It was worth all the effort, It really tasted BETTER....
The only problem was....
Mummy SUCKS at cutting pineapple!!
She looks like she was wreslting with the pinapple!!
Let's hope practise makes perfect!!

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Anonymous said...


wow....this 2 are actually my fave *drooling*

can u share the recipe with me, plssss?

i really salute u having to cope with 2 young kids and even have time to bake...btw, i think u r a really good baker and mommy! *hugs*


Lazyg3r said...

where is my tub of pineapple tarts?? =)

Jacelyn said...

Hey those looks delicious!! You should start on blog on all those receipes!!! Yummy!!