Monday, November 05, 2007

Tagged by Judy.....

Meme: 5 Things

A. Found in my room
1. TV + DVD player+ DVDs & VCDs-
This one is solely for hiroshi to watch his DVDs and VCDs
2. Computer-
My most prized procession... My Apple G5!!
3. Flash Cards-
I have tons of it lying around,
But i never get to FLASH.... coz I am too lazy!! *guilty*
4. Toys Lying everywhere-
That's Hiroshi's most prized prosession.... cars, cars and MORE CARS!!
5. Honeywell Air Purifier-
With Hiroshi attending ChildCare, and bringing back all the "si beh tok gong" germs.....
We wanted to minimised the spread of germs at home,
so we invested in a good air purifier....

B. I have always wanted to
1. Loose some weight... *ahem* especially around the tummy region....
2. Be able to bake a decent SPONGE CAKE!! I fail all the time!!
3. Do some form of business....
5. Be a good mummy and Wife

C. Found in my Bag
1. Mobile Phone
2. Digital camera
3. Keys
4. Coin Pouch
5. Easy Link Card & ATM card & IC

D. Found in my Wallet
**I dun carry wallet around anymore!!**

E. I am currently into
I am sure everybody has NOTICED...
2. Cooking better meals-
It gives me great pleasure when Hiroshi signs GOOD whenever he eats homecooked food.
3. Surfing the web for great recipe-
If you have any good site do let me know.... thanks!!
4. Blogging-
Great way to preserve memories
5. Breastfeeding-
Breast is BEST.... So , I am trying hard to give Sophia the BEST and nothing less.

5 Candidates to Tag
1. JoJo (Javier's mummy)
2. April (Jovial's mummy)
3. Mich (Athan's mmmy)
4. Lynette (Xavier's mummy)
5. Aprilpinky (Ziyu's mummy)

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