Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ang Mo Christmas Dinner @ Sha Villa

*mummy's rumbling*
I couldn't remember when was the last time
I had formal ANG MO sit down dinner.
It is either the the "disease" call FORGETFULNESS
I got from 2 pregnancies,
OR it has really been a LONG LONG TIME!!

Sitting down in the restaurant at Sha Villa,
Only 2 thoughts came to my mind....
1. How beautiful!! This was the place
Kitson and myself were pronounced husband and wife!!
Many great memories flooded in.....
2. Wah!! So many forks, spoons, and knife.....
What is for what liao arr?!?!? *panic*

Nevertheless, dinner went on "romantically"
with two kids beaming BRIGHTLY as
Candle Lights?!? or maybe Light Bulbs.

soup: califlower with spinich

Main: Seabass with Sweet Potato

Main: Turkey Breast

Desert: Can't remember the FANCY NAME!!

Close Up of Fancy Desert

Family Picture in the Restaurant

Sophia slurping on Soup

1 comment:

daphne said...

oo! What a good meal!! lucky sophia having soup!