Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy 6th Months old Sophia mei mei.....

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Happy 6th months Sophia mei mei....
This day marks a very important day in mummy's life.
she has successfully breastfed mei mei for 6 months.....

*Mummy's Rambling*
Breast milk used to nourish babies all around the world for many centuries,
BUT, with the introduction of formula milk in more developed countries,
we were constantly challenged on our beliefs that Breast is BEST.
With formula milk companies competing with one another
to get as close as breast milk,
adding SA, AA, ARA, DHA, Immunofortis, Choline.....
and the list goes on.....
and on...
and on...
Unfortunately, NONE of them could produce BREAST MILK!!
NOT even anywhere close to it!!

so, what's the biggy about BREAST MILK!!
You might want to read and decide for yourselves:
(click on the following link)

so..... Now that I have convinced you that BREAST is BEST....

These are some very good webbies and forums I frequent:
LLL(La Leche League): This is an amazing forum!!
All these people talk about everyday is practically just BREAST FEEDING!!
SingaporeMotherhood: Another forum....
Mainly A-Z about motherhood...
Breast Feeding buddies that has supported me mentally!!
KellyMom: Great information about Breast Feeding.
Dr Jack Newman: This has to be the BEST pediatrician....
He advocates Breast Feeding!!
And, his videos are so comprehensive!!
Die, die MUST WATCH!!

Journey on Breast Feeding:
1. Eat lotsa papaya when you are pregnant.
(weather it is a scam or not..... I never did find out....
BUT, I had abandance of breast milk even through pregnancy....
so, no harm trying right!!
Anyway, fruits is good for pregant women who always run the risk of constipation
2. Green Papaya Threadfin Soup
soup with a comnination of Green Papaya, Threadfin fish, dried octopus,
ginger, sesame oil, and peanuts.
I have this throughout pregnancy and coinfinement....
Instant milk booster!!
3. Sashimi
oh well, a reason to indulge!!
Great for milk supply and plenty of DHA!!
4. 1st 6 weeks: TOTAL LATCH ON
NO bottles, NO pacifier!!
Latch baby whenever neccssary.
6. Good Eletrical BREAST PUMP
If you are returning to work, a eletrical breast pump might be ideal....
We don't want to be slaves to breast pumps that take forver to pump or assemble!!
Medela Pump in Style is a good investment!


ilovepearly said...

Well I'm sure breast feeding has it's good side and all but I would say it depends on the individual. Nice eyes your baby gal got!

Sweets said...

the outfit looks familiar