Sunday, August 28, 2011

PlayChinese by Creative

We are truly living in a digital age.
Every kids I know could operate the iphone or the ipad effectively,
without much supervision.

We were somehow skeptical about giving our our kids such state of the art gadget.
I've personally witness how disconnected kids can be
when they are addicted to devices like that.

 But, when I came across PlayChinese by Creative 
I was totally sold upon the idea of getting a tablet device for the kids.

The kids would be the best social proof of this product.
Check out the videos below.

Hiroshi Lovin his New "ipad"

Sophia amused with the new gadget.


LittleLamb said...

Hi, I m considering this gadget for my 5yo. Do u think it's a good buy?

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

It does generate interest and motivates the kids in writing. But, I've also found out that the kids are merely following the strokes and the ultimate goal was to score as many points as possible hence not remembering how to write the characters.

I would as my kids to write on paper after practicing 10 characters on play chinese to ensure that they remember and understand what they are doing.

I hope that helps in your decision in purchasing or not....