Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy on a LONG Train Ride


Anonymous said...

Hahahaaa... Irene, u all bad leh.. keep making Hiro so bz... But how come he nvr make a single sound? Did he cry? Fustrated? or wat?? Hven u all been to Vivo?


B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

HuiXin Che Che,
That was my longest train ride. From poungol to houbourfront... And YES!! We've been to Vivo City. TWICE!! I didn't make any noise as I was looking for that missing train ticket to chew on!! Did you see where it went?!?

Anonymous said...

oh... Wow u went there twice ar... I only went once & was too big to shop too. Cos dun know where to start leh.. Walk till leg pain... Oh Yes~ I saw ur ticket, it's inside ur cloth mah.. Have u found it?? (Wahahaaa)

Megan said...


Ur daddy very smart kept you busy to "distract" you!

Heard you are gonna be a kor kor, congrats!