Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeanie

The room was screaming in Hello Kitty decoration....
abit too sweet for a macho guy like me....
But, I think mei mei would like it!

We celebrated Jeanie's mei mei birthday at Seletar Country Club.
The place is posh, pretty and the service staff were efficient!
(thank god mummy decides to dress up, look good for the event....
rather than appearing in her lok kok Flip Flop!!)

And as for me.....
I finally have a new definition of SMART CASUAL....
That was what mummy dress me in;
Bottom; CASUAL
*roll on floor laughing*

Jeanie mei mei with the super *ka-wa-iiii* Hello Kitty Cake!!

Mummy, Jeanie mei mei and Auntie elaine

Me, *ahem* My MIL; Auntie Karen, mummy, mei mei

I truly enjoyed myself in the party!!
Thank you for the invitation!!

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