Friday, August 29, 2008

Teacher's Day Celebration

I am a true believer that Teacher's Day is IMPORTANT.
It is the day we show special appreciation
to these ANGELS for educating & caring for our kids;

Some people in certain forums 
even argued that they are PAID to do the job....
why give them so much credit?
why come out with a special day?
why $pend money?
no need to APPRECIATE lah?!?!?

I felt at times they really need that recognition...
That pat on the back...
for a job well done!
I think teachers have undertaken a noble career path!
Can you imagine being STUCKED in a roomful of 2-3 year olds....?
(heard of terrible 2 & horrible 3 `stage' of a toddler?)
Who still have difficulties expressing themselves,
throwing tantrums,
still pee-ing and poo-ing in their diaper....
for a solid 4 hours everyday....
I dunno about you but I will definitely go MAD....!

These were the gifts for our beloved teachers on their special day
* Freshly Baked Homemade Muffins *

Daddy also got some chocolates from Zurich as gifts

Hiroshi's finger printing on the card cover

Our Message to the dedicated teachers

Class Photo

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