Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lesson C

I thank friends and relatives that kept me
on my lesson plans with the kids....

Concern friends and relatives pop by on MSN asking me.....

Here you go
a short update on what we have done so far:

1) Pussy cat, Pussy cat where have you been??!!?
(video will be upload later)

2) Story telling: The hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
I've made a sock puppet caterpillar...
to munch up the stuffs the caterpillar eats....
and Hiroshi loves it to BITS!!
*Don't ask me why my caterpillar is BROWN....
coz that's the ONLY nice LONG SOCKS I've got!!*

3) C for capsicum stamping

4) C for celery stamping

5) Mini flash cards 2" *3"
It is a long tedious process making these flash cards....
But, it is all worth it when I see Sophia enjoying it!!

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