Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another 'hiro' to keep mummy BUSY 2.....

10 aug '06: Chinatown

That's our Chinatown trip.... Everything that day was supposed to be CIIINA!! So we walk through the heritage of beautiful OLD Chinatown..... The thing about this trip is the WEATHER. It's another HOT, HOT, SUPER HOT day..... I was sweating big time!! The most enjoyable moment was the TIM SUM, breakfast cum lunch at Spring Court..... (located along the shophouses beside Chinatown Point) Everyone said that the food was SUPER.... But, I did not got to try any, I was just contended to tuck myself in a corner on my baby chair and enjoyed a decent bowl of cereal and the aircon as well... Mummy didn't have time to cook lately, so, I've been eating alot of INSTANT stuffs ..... (shhh....I think instant taste better then mummy's cooking!! *evil laughter*)

That is Yasuhiro gor gor with a terracota figure in Chinatown.... Who more handsome arr?!? Yasuhiro gor gor or terracota?!?

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