Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another 'hiro' to keep mummy BUSY 5.....

13 aug '06: Bugis Street

Daddy let Yasuhiro gor gor try playing pool when we were at SIA sports Club.... Then he soon got addicted to the game.... When mummy ask him where he wanted he go for the day, he said in plain simple english, with a japanese accent "play pool"

So mummy bo bian bring him to fusion pool 2 at Bugis near "This Fashion" boutique..... We played for 2 hours, Yasuhiro gor gor started off as a terrible player.... But, after 2 hours of practice.... he got it! What a FAST learner! Way to go man!!

Then mummy let Yasuhiro gor gor go on a trishaw ride.... It was how people get about in Singapore in the olden days.... Mummy let Yasuhiro gor gor go on the ride on his own.... The trishaw rider bought Yasuhiro gor gor to a temple.... *smile* Dunno how they communicate hor....?

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