Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another 'hiro' to keep mummy BUSY 4.....

12 aug '06: Jurong Bird Park

Today was a tough day.... Papa went to work today.... So it leaves only mummy struggling on her own to bring me and Yasuhiro gor gor out to Jurong Bird Park. I was giving mummy a hard time as I was fussing non-stop and I refused to sit still in my pram..... Hey, what do you expect?!? I'm teething!! I'm suppose to behave in this manner.... it's on the books!! My upper right front tooth is coming out soon.... I am a grouch.... Dun you ka jiao (bother in malay) me.... I'll BITE!!

Another hot day, but, we felt so proud of ourselves.... We completed the Bird Park trail on FOOT!! We managed to catch 2 shows.... All star Bird Show and Birds of Prey show..... They were both very interesting.... and very well presented..... At the end of the day, we took the panorail for a nice overview of the Jurong Bird Park..... Poor mummy had backache after that....

That is Yasuhiro gor gor with an owl; Rocky..... So steady-bom-pi-pi hor...... Mummy when I grow up I also want to take pictures like Yasuhiro gor gor.... This picture was taken at the Birds of Prey show.... Impressive isn't it??

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